Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pork, Egg and Dog Meat Vendors Demand Court to Annul 'Halal' Requirement

Pork, egg and dog meat vendors are demanding the Constitutional Court annul an article in a law that requires all vendors to get “halal” certification.

The 2009 Animal Husbandry and Health Law states that all meat products distributed in Indonesia should have veterinarian and halal certificates.

“It is impossible to get a halal certificate for pork and dog-meat vendors,” Agus Prabowo, the lawyer of the applicants, said at the Constitutional Court on Tuesday.

He was representing egg vendor Deni Juhaeni, pork vendor I Griawan Wijaya and dog meat vendor Netty Retta Herawaty Hutabarat.

Pork and dog meat are haram, or not allowed, for Muslims, but chicken is allowed.

The problem posed by the law for the egg vendor, Agus said, was that the law obliged him “to have veterinarian and halal certificates for each egg that he sells.”

Chief Justice Fadlil Sumadi said the applicants should present a deeper arguments. “The request is pragmatic, but it would be better if the request is complete with thorough arguments and developed legal theories,” Sumadi said.

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