Friday, January 21, 2011

Maple Leaf Farms Halal Duck Now Available to Purchase Online

Milford, IN, January 21, 2011 --( Maple Leaf Farms Halal Whole Duck is now available for purchase online on the company’s website. Once available only to the foodservice industry, Halal Duck is now offered to consumers online and in limited retail stores.

Maple Leaf Farms Halal Whole Duck is a high quality USDA Grade A all-natural, farm-raised whole bird that has been certified by Islamic Services to comply with the principles and values of the Muslim community. The Halal Duck comes with giblets and a neck stuffed inside.

For more product information or to order Halal Duck online, visit the Maple Leaf Farms duck product page at

About Maple Leaf Farms:
Maple Leaf Farms, Inc. is America's leading producer of quality duck products, supplying retail and foodservice markets throughout the world with innovative, value-added foods. Founded in 1958, Maple Leaf Farms is a third generation family-owned company. For more information and delicious duck recipes.

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  1. I want to know what type of halal slaughtering is done in maple leaf food is it done by machine or is it hand slaughter and can you please give me the full slaughtering procedure in detail

  2. Can someone comment on the above question? I see this in near by Costco these days. Need to buy based on if it's zabeeha halal.