Monday, January 24, 2011

HDC signs 12 MoUs with Global Halal trade organizations

Karachi–The Halal Development Council of Pakistan (HDC) has made a major headway in associating the country products, industry and business with the global Halal economy currently being emphasized by the Muslim Ummah for lawful as well as good quality products, said Asad Sajjad, Secretary General, HDC.

Asad said that HDC has recently signed 12 memorandum of understanding (MOU) with acclaimed international Halal Certification Authorities, Research Centres, and Scientific Laboratories of Far East, South Africa, America and Europe for developing and promoting Pakistan as a major exporter of Halal goods and services to the global markets. The international organizations will offer support to HDC in maintaining the integrity of Halal products, to support in mainstreaming of Halal products for competing in the global market and to promote Halal certified products & services in Pakistan and OIC countries.

The MoUs signed by the HDC are with International Halal Integrity Alliance of Malaysia; Crescent rating Pte of Singapore; Department of Science and Technology of Philippines; Faroogh Sciences Research Lab of Iran; Halal Council of Mauritius; Muslim Judicial Halal Trust of South Africa; N.Z. Islamic Meat Management Co. of New Zealand; Halal Polaska of Poland; The Halal Catering Co of Argentina; Ethnic Focus Research of UK, Mufti’s Council of Russia and OnePure Beauty Company of Canada.

“Signing of MOUs with HDC by the renowned global organizations working for the trillion dollar global Halal economy reflect their commitment and support for the promotion of Halal goods and services from Pakistan and to take the International Halal movement forward from the platform provided by HDC..” said Asad Sajjad.

It may be mentioned that the HDC made the major breakthrough by organizing the 1st Global Halal Congress last month which succeeded in registering Pakistan as a potential player in the trillion dollar global Halal economy. Dr. Mustafa Ceric, the Grand Mufti of Bosnia, Malaysian State Minister of Trade & Religious Affairs and other eminent personalities from Far East, Africa, Europe, UK, USA and Canada participated in the Congress and shared their views and knowledge with the local leaders of trade, industry and policy makers.

Courtesy By: Pakistan Observer

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