Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fusan Named Domestic Distributer Of Brunei Halal Goods

Bandar Seri Begawan - Since mid-December, consumers can purchase Brunei Halal brand products from about 100 retail locations throughout the country, said a representative from its distributor.
Appointed distributor of Brunei Halal brand products in the domestic market, Fusan Enterprise is seeing a positive response from consumers for the products, said its manager, Anna Chiu.
"The response is pretty good, those supermarkets that we're distributing to, some have been taking repeat orders so we take that as a good response," said Anna yesterday in an exclusive interview with The Brunei Times.
With a three-year contract under their belts to distribute the Brunei Halal brand in collaboration with parent company Ghanim Inter-national Food Corporation Sdn Bhd, Fusan is currently supplying to approximately 100 locations.
"(The entire range of products) are now in the kedai runcit (grocery stores) but there are too many of them so we didn't really publicise that. Last week when I checked, we were distributing to about 80 outlets but this week, its gone up to over 100 outlets," she said, which also includes major supermarket chains like Hua Ho, Supa Save and all their existing outlets.
The company began distributing in mid-December, added Anna, and has even approached restaurants and hotels, apart from supermarkets and small retail shops. "I knew they were looking for a distributor, so I approached them to just let them know what we could do for them as a distributor," she said of how the collaboration came about.
While Fusan Enterprise will not be taking part in the current Brunei Grand Salebration, Anna said the prices for the Brunei Halal brand products are affordable "and are on average" with the market price of similar products on the market.
Since the launch of the brand in September, Ghanim had already executed several promotional campaigns to introduce its products to the domestic market including Weekend and Weekly Specials as well as a Hari Raya Hamper Sale with hampers priced from $55 to $125.
Fusan will also be working with Ghanim on promotional activities for Brunei Halal said Anna, adding, "We will work with them on the marketing side and do some sampling promotions in supermarkets but all this has to be approved by Ghanim."
Anna said she is positive that the brand will be well-received due to the "halal" factor, saying that Ghanim had gone through "all the proper processes of getting certified halal". "So, it's trustworthy," she added.
Consumers can also visit the brand's website at to peruse a list of products which includes a detailed list of ingredients.
In a previous report published by The Brunei Times, Ghanim CEO Noel Shield had also described Brunei Halal Brand as a "People's Brand".
Ghanim International is the company appointed by His Majesty's Government to handle and manage the marketing of Brunei's premium halal brand which takes advantage of the country's reputation in selling goods to growing Muslim markets.

Courtesy of The Brunei Times

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