Monday, January 3, 2011

International Road Show For the Development of Halal Industry (Press Release)

January 03, 2011
(Lahore) Halal Research Council is pleased to organize a Road Show on Halal Industry starting from February 01, 2011. In the first phase of this road show, 150 seminars in different chambers of commerce, trade associations and industrial associations of Pakistan will be conducted for the awareness of Halal industry in the masses that will start on February 01, 2011 in Peshawar and will end up in Karachi on March 01, 2011. While in phase II, Halal research Council will hold awareness seminars on Halal industry in South Africa, Kenya, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and Mauritius. The purpose of such awareness programs is to promote Halal industry in Pakistan and in the rest of the world.  This Road Show will enable the easy access of the Pakistani Export products to 2.3 Trillion Dollars’ international Halal Market of more than 2 billion Muslims.

Mr. Muhammad Zubair Mughal, Chief Executive Officer, Halal Research Council highlighted two main purposes of organizing this road show. One is the easy access of the Pakistani Halal products to the international Halal markets while the second objective is to give accurate knowledge of the Halal industry to the Muslims. He further elaborated that the chemical ingredients used in the production of Muslim food has put aside the distinction of Halal and haram in the products and the labeling of E codes has drastically put people in ambiguity whether the product is Halal or haram. It is very astonishing that even in Pakistan several food products are imported in which the fats of pig and many other haram ingredients are used.

He added that it is quite disappointing that Pakistan has no access yet in the export of Halal products in international 2.3 trillion Halal markets. If we pay heed to this market then we can earn a handsome profitability through this market because Pakistan has a prominent place in Muslim world for its sound Islamic footings. He told that Halal market covers more than 100 products i.e. meat, dairy, spices, gee and oil, beverages, medicines, biscuits, snacks, cosmetics, herbal and leather etc.

This awareness road show has been given high appreciation nationally and internationally and it has got more than 50 national, international, government and non government organizational associations. Halal Research Council is working nationally and internationally for the certification of Halal products.

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