Thursday, July 18, 2013

GrubHub reports growth in Pakistani, African and Halal cuisine

GrubHub, an online and mobile food ordering service, has released new data that reveals year-over-year growth in nontraditional ethnic cuisine orders.
According to a company news release, GrubHub's order data reveals that Americans' takeout orders have extended beyond traditional pizza and Pad Thai, with Pakistani, Caribbean and Halal cuisines experiencing "significant" lifts in order popularity.
GrubHub analysts examined year-over-year orders in more than 500 cities across the country. While Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Mexican are the most popular ethnic cuisines, respectively, the following cuisines are experiencing the most significant growth in popularity this year.
  • Pakistani: Almost 97 percent more popular;
  • Caribbean: More than 68 percent more popular;
  • Halal: Almost 40 percent more popular;
  • Spanish: more than 36 percent more popular; and
  • African: More than 30 percent more popular.

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