Thursday, October 23, 2014

Post Graduate Diploma in Halal Industry

The Post Graduate Diploma in Halal Industry is intended to impart the comprehensive knowledge on Halal Industry in its true sense and concept to the people which are either related or not to the Halal Industry or even from the other professions.

The purpose of this diploma is to equip the graduates with the Shariah principles on Halal Industry fulfilling the global needs of human resources and to produce well equipped professionals with the accurate learning of Halal and Certification concepts.

The aim of the diploma is to provide educational facilities and training to people who cannot leave their homes or offices/jobs or to facilitate to the masses for their learning uplift under Halal Industry.

The course serves the society by providing affordable and accessible learning through a quality technical and technology support. Distance learning to the people around the globe will be provided disseminating the useful knowledge on the Halal Industry, acquiring professional skills for the development of new products and ethical disposition.

This course consists of four modules and each module is of 2 months duration. Each Module builds up on knowledge from the previous one. You will be evaluated by subjective as well as multiple choice question on each lesson. Modules are sent by post which includes the introductory material set.

Your course Material consists of:
·         Literature & Presentations in PDF format
·         Video CD’s & Power Point Presentations
·         Solved and unsolved case studies.
·         Books in PDF format, List of references Book and related websites.

The introductory material set includes comprehensive Power Point Presentations, literature on the topic, useful web links, magazine & newspapers, articles and conference papers on Islamic banking and finance as well as recommended reading list. Students also utilize the Knowledge Centre section of AlHuda CIBE website ( The next module material is sent after the successful completion of the previous module. The course content of the first module will be sent by courier while the other course content will be sent by email.

This diploma would be of 8 months which will consist of 4 Modules and each module would consist of 2 courses.

In first Module, concepts of Halal and General Guidance about Halal Food would be taught whereas Role of Food Ingredients and Halal Slaughtering in second Module, prospective of Halal Industry worldwide and Halal banking in third Module and Halal Standardization and prospective of Halal Industry in developed Area will be taught in fourth module.

It should be clear that Halal Food Industry is flourishing at a very rapid pace and its volume has reached to 2.3 Trillion Dollars. It is expected that this diploma would provide strong pillars to Halal Food industry on practical bases.


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