Saturday, September 6, 2014

Thai Halal Food Festival draws huge crowd

The first Thai Halal Food Festival at Thailand's Embassy in Riyadh on Tuesday night was a big draw.
Organized by the Thai diplomatic mission in cooperation with the local business community, the festival featured food products and authentic cuisine, including rice, frozen foodstuffs, packed juice, corns, candies and spices.

1409772075111965300.jpg"The festival focused mainly on halal products from Thailand, which have strong export potential," said Wijak Chittarat, charge d'affaires, at the Thai Embassy, while opening the event. "Our government, especially our Jeddah-based trade office, are working closely and intensely to boost Thai halal product exports," he added.
Over 2,000 Thai companies have the right to use halal accreditation labels for their food products, which cover virtually all kinds of foods. 
“Their production is in line with Islamic law and food safety, and thus receives a warm welcome from consumers in the Middle East. This helps strengthen Thailand's competitiveness in the global halal market," said Chittarat.
The Thai government has created a specific agency under the National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards of Thailand (ACFS) for promoting halal foods. "Moreover, Thailand has a rage of halal beverages, marine products, canned food and frozen foodstuffs that can be exported to Saudi Arabia and Gulf states," he added.
Some of the prominently featured products at the festival were
being exported to the Kingdom by Healthy Foods company of Bangkok, Biopharm Chemicals Company, and Khaolaor Laboratories.
Chittarat said a number of halal products were being exported to the Saudi and other Gulf markets. To spice up the festival, there were cooking demonstrations. In fact, Thailand is one of the few countries, which has a Halal Science Center at Chulalongkorn University, besides a halal assurance and liability quality system.
"With its sizable Muslim population, particularly in its southern provinces, Thailand has great experience in preparing halal food," said Chittarat.


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