Friday, May 30, 2014

Research and Markets: European Halal Food Market Report 2014-2018: Carrefour SA, Nestl SA, Tahira Foods Ltd. & Tesco plc Dominates the Market

The Halal Food market in Europe generates revenue from the sales of four types of Halal food: livestock, processed food, non-alcoholic beverages, and dairy products. Processed food comprises of confectionery, bakery products, sauces, dressing and condiments, and canned and frozen food.
Increasing functional investments is one of the prominent trends in the Halal Food market in Europe. The areas which are the focus of R&D are product innovation, slaughter management, education on halal norms, and halal marketing and branding. The rise of halal "parks", where halal compliance is expected to be in place from farm to fork is an example of the R&D taking place in product innovation. R&D in slaughter management is focused on slaughter procedure and animal handling and management. Education on halal norms consists of increasing awareness of halal procedures and provision of training to inspectors and auditors. R&D of halal marketing and branding involves, for example, studying the relationship between the certification of halal products and an increase in consumer confidence.
According to the report, the growth of the Halal Food market in Europe is supported by several drivers, one of which is an increase in the Muslim population in Europe, especially in Russia. Consumption of halal food products is directly proportional to the Muslim population. The high standard of living in Europe is another major driver of the market.
Further, the report states that lack of authentic halal certification bodies is one of the major challenges to the market. Export-bound products often face issues with respect to authentic certification. Also, the authenticity of the certifications is an important criterion that instills confidence in consumers.
Key Vendors
  • Carrefour SA
  • Nestle SA
  • Tahira Foods Ltd.
  • Tesco plc
Other Prominent Vendors
  • Al-Falah Halal Foods Ltd.
  • Cleone Foods Ltd.
  • Crown Chicken Ltd.
  • Euro Foods Group Ltd.
  • Eggelbusch GmbH & Co. KG
  • Shaheen Foods Ltd.
  • Sickendiek Fleischwarenfabrik GmbH & Co.
  • Ummah Foods Ltd
Key Market Drivers/Challenges/Trends
  • Increase in the Muslim Population.
  • Lack of Halal Certification by an Authentic Body.
  • Increasing R&D Investments.

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