Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Get Pak Share In Halal Market

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 - MINISTER for Science and Technology Zahid Hamid has drawn attention of both the Government and the private sector towards huge Halal food potential of the country and the existing meagre 0.5% share in Halal food market of the globe, which is worth over three trillion dollar. This is really a pathetic state of affairs as market experts believe that Pakistan can play a major role in the global Halal meat industry and has the potential to become a market leader since it has all the required ingredients.

Pakistan is the fifth largest milk producer and has more than 160 million quality live 
stock including 71 million cows and buffaloes and 89 million goats and sheep. Halal is not only the name of meat but more than 26 Halal industries are also based on bi-products of Halal meat like casings, bone crashing, gelatine, sausages, leather and other industries are associated with it besides a host of Halal dairy products that are in great demand almost in every part of the world. The concept of Halal is founded on Islamic ideals of purity and cleanliness, on the promotion of health and wholesomeness, a set of ethical values about food production known as tayyab that should, these days, appeal to all consumers who care about provenance, sustainability, respect for the environment and humane animal husbandry. This means an unlimited market all over the world and this can surely be tapped through production of quality meat, value addition and milk and dairy products. The proposed legislation for establishment of Pakistan Halal Authority can prove to be first step towards this direction. We hope that the Government and the proposed Authority as well as private sector would lay emphasis on research and marketing, address issues relating to certification of Halal food, improve slaughtering and processing methods and launch campaign to counter misconceptions about Islamic way of slaughtering. Some estimates suggest that the country can earn additional six to seven billion dollars worth of foreign exchange by tapping the global Halal market and this call for a comprehensive strategy by tapping of Islamic banking. 


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