Thursday, July 12, 2012

Saffron Road Announces More Products and Wider Retail Availability for Ramadan

Though only in its second year, American Halal Company, Inc.’s brand, Saffron Road, has already established itself as an innovator in addressing the unmet needs of the American Muslim consumer market. In preparation for the month-long Islamic holiday, Ramadan, Saffron Road has significantly augmented its product lines and dramatically expanded its retail distribution nationally to better serve its Halal consumers. In less than two years, Saffron Road has gone from four initial Halal products at inception, to over 30 Halal products sold nationally today.
Saffron Road has several new products ideal for Ramadan, including new World Cuisine Simmer Sauces, frozen phyllo appetizers (a healthier alternative to deep fried samosas for iftars), a family-sized portion of Chicken Tikka Masala and Broths. The entire assortment of Saffron Road products will be on sale in over 5,000 stores during Ramadan including Whole Foods Market (in mid-July), Kroger (during August), Publix (during August), Fairway, H.E.B and Central Market (during August), Gelson’s and Sprouts (during July) and most independent stores where Saffron Road is carried (during July). The Saffron Road team hopes the increased retail availability paired with targeted promotions during Ramadan will incentivize Muslim shoppers to go in their local stores to purchase Saffron Road’s Halal products for festive gatherings during Ramadan, including iftars or the daily traditional breaking of the fasts at sundown.

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