Tuesday, April 26, 2011

MoU Signing Between Halal Research Council Pakistan and Halal Council of Mauritius

The MoU is signed between Halal Research Council and Halal Council, Jummah Mosque of Mauritius for the promotion of Halal industry, research and education and for the export of Halal goods to Mauritius. The momentous signing ceremony was held in Quartre Borne Mauritius and Mr. Zubair Mughal Chief Executive Officer, Halal Research Council and Nisar Ahmed Ramtoola President, Jummah Mosque, Mauritius signed the MoU. Major General (Retd.) Muhammad Siddique, High Commissioner for Pakistan, Cassam Uteem Ex-President, Mauritius, Muhammad Shakeel, Minister of Labor and Industrial Relations Mauritius, Iqbal Belath Governor, Bank of Mauritius, Sunil Benimadhu, Chief Executive, Stock Exchange of Mauritius, Raffick Nabee Mohammad, AlBarakah, MPCS and well known personalities and many others participated in this ceremony.

Major General (Retd.) Muhammad Saiddique- Commissioner for Pakistan while addressing the audience said that there is enough room available for the Halal market promotion between Pakistan and Mauritius and Pakistan can play a vital role in the development of this Halal industry. He added that the volume of Halal market is 2.3 Trillion Dollars at this moment which includes Halal food, Halal banking and finance, Halal tourism, Halal cosmetics and Halal logistics etc. He said that there are deep friendly relations found between both countries and Pakistan is providing resources in the fields of education, banking etc to Mauritius.

Muh. Zubair Mughal, Chief executive Officer, Halal Research Council, Pakistan said that it will provide excess to Pakistan Halal goods in Mauritius markets which include Halal meat, grains, Halal spices juices and many other goods. He further said that there are ample opportunities available for Halal tourism in Mauritius. Nissar Ahmed Ramtoola President, Jummah Mosque, Mauritius appreciated this MoU and both countries will utilize the opportunities of the development of Halal industry.

It is to be noted that Jummah Mosque, Mauritius is a historical mosque of the country that was built in 1850 and 125 mosques of Mauritius are directly affiliated with it that is working for the promotion of Islam in the country.

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