Wednesday, December 29, 2010

By a New MOU with the Ministry of Health More Cooperation

"70,000 food  production  license s   , 11,000   hygienic and Health production licenses  for 12,000 manufacturer and  factories were issued. We are ready to cooperate with ICRIC in the field of Halal brand for these productions for continuation of the solidarity of this work". Said Dr. Sheibani,.....
Deputy  of  Minister  of Food and Pharmaceutics in the  Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education who presented in Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines (ICCIM) with the invitation of Dr. Nahavandia, the President of ICCIM . 
Dr. Janat, Director General of Food, Dr. Rastegar, Director General of the Food and Pharmaceutics Control Laboratories and Dr. SafarChi, the Responsible for Cooperation and International Relations were accompanying Dr. Sheibani.
     Dr. Nahavandian  thanked  the cooperation and companionship of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education with ICRIC that has became applicable with signing previous MOU by the former  Deputy  of the Ministry of Health and also thanked of good cooperation of the current responsible in following up and strengthening that MOU and increasing the area of cooperation especially in the field of operating  of the  central food and pharmaceutics research center. He remarked that the achievement of holding International Health Tourism Forum was a great success and added:  "It  was  a grace of  God  that we  achieved by the efforts  of our  friends, ICRIC, Iran, Turkey and some other countries  and also  the great achievement of adopting  OIC Halal Food Standard  is a golden document in the  proximity  of the Islamic Schools of Thought  which should watch over very carefully and to stabilize it in the world".  
 Dr. Nahavandian emphasized that establishing Halal Research Center is a necessary issue which has been  adopted by Halal Supreme Council  and we can promote and accomplish it with the cooperation of Ministry of Health. In the field of laboratories, all potency of the Ministry  should   be in service of this international issue and fortunately a MoU was signed with the Turkey Standard Organization (TSE) which according to this MoU all laboratories in Turkey will  be in  service of  this direction.                                                                                                                                                    Dr. Sheibani expressed his happiness  of  these  efforts and expressed his full  readiness and his friends in different parts of Ministry of Health among  all Food and Pharmaceutics Office and also the laboratories of food and pharmaceutics control. In this meeting a MoU was signed between Dr. Nahavandian from ICRIC and Dr. Sheibani, the Deputy of Food and Pharmaceutics of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education.

Courtesy by: Halal World

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