Tuesday, November 30, 2010

UAE: Trend of Halal cosmetics

In a luxury resort in Dubai, Emirati wait next to the bronze statue of the ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, smile and wait for the routine treatment of their weekend beauty treat. The resort is different from the others in which it uses some skin care products based on minerals and pork-free and alcohol-free materials as what Reuters reported yesterday (09-11-2010).
Charlotte Proudman, the products supplier, wants to obtain the statement that these products in accordance with Syariah Islamiyah (Islamic law) to join the growing trend on Halal cosmetics consumption in the Middle East. The Proudman said at the spa, which uses the range she launched in 2008: “I want to put this on the cover of our packages so our clients are convinced that our products are Halal and until they trust that these products meet their religious belief”. She added: “I really feel that Halal cosmetic have a future. I don’t think that any Muslim or Muslimah would abandon his/her trust on skin care product because they make him/her feel comfortable.”
The Halal cosmetic are produced using the extract of plants and minerals and not from the pork and alcohol derivatives forbidden in Islam which often used in cosmetics manufacturing.
The attractiveness of Halal cosmetics reflects the global trend of cosmetic products -which are not tested on animal or utilizing the animal substances- and also the increasing demand of some beauty care based on natural ingredients and gentle for hair and skin. This trend gets wondrous fascination from Muslim people in Europe, since it protects from every harmful action toward the environment.

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